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Don't Treat Your Trash Trucks Like Garbage

There are a lot of auction companies out there.  They sell everything from backhoes, trackhoes, dozers, fire trucks, and cranes to boats, gadgets, widgets and used surveyor’s stakes.  If you’re looking for surplus, they probably have it.

But is that how you want your equipment sold?

You’ll probably want your equipment marketed directly to the right people, not cataloged in a section three-quarters of the way down a page and three clicks into a website.  Then you’ll want an auction company that specializes in selling the type of equipment you need to sell.  One who knows the players – the buyers and the sellers, the end users. Someone who knows the market, and knows how to market.

That’s where we come in.  You see, all we auction is refuse equipment.  No surveyor’s stakes left over from that job in Des Moines.  No tanker trucks painted desert tan.  Just loaders, roll-offs, dump trucks and containers.  That’s it. And no one does it better.

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Sell With Us!

When sellers list with trashtruckauctions.com, they're not simply uploading their surplus equipment to a self-service website in hopes that the right person will see it. Our strategic marketing drives the right buyers directly to your auction. That's the kind of service sellers need. And that's what we do.

our team

Vaughn Blaylock



With twelve years on the procurement side of heavy equipment, including all things refuse-related, Vaughn knows marketing, sales, and valuations.

toll free: 833.622.1500

 email: vaughn@trashtruckauctions.com

Darrell Sartin



Darrell has been in the heavy equipment industry for thirty-plus years.  He understands what buyers are looking for and what they need to watch out for.  

cell: 601.942.5818

email: darrell@trashtruckauctions.com

Knowledge is Power

We know what buyers of your equipment are looking for.  Knowledge.  They want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about your equipment.  We’ll give you the tools to convey that information effectively.  An informed buyer is a happy buyer.

The Best Approach to the Highest Return

Need resources to help you make the most of your auction and get top dollar for your equipment?  We can help with that.  Our full suite of documents will aid you in realizing as much return as possible on the sale of your refuse equipment.

Let's Get Started

Download our Seller Packet if you are selling equipment with us.

Download the Buyer Packet if you are buying equipment with us.

We’re available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM Central Standard Time to assist you with your sale.

Give us a call at 833.622.1500, or drop us an email at vaughn@trashtruckauctions.com to get started.

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