Our Process

Each of our auctions begins long before the timer begins ticking down on a lot.  For our customers who plan in advance with us, our unique premarketing phase prior to auction opening day gives us an opportunity to find buyers who are in the market for your equipment.

Once we have your build sheets (if available), we can get to work photographing your assets and managing the premarketing phase until your auction goes live.  Once your auction is complete, you’ll award, get paid, and then wait for your units to ship out to their new home.

Call us now at 662.275.4663 for more information, or email us at info@trashtruckauctions.com today.

Why Trash Truck Auctions?

It seems as if everyone who runs an auction company wants to sell everything under the sun.  We come from the procurement side of things, and it always seemed to us that our customers who purchased refuse trucks using our reverse auction process invariably had trouble getting rid of their existing equipment or didn’t like the results of an on-the-ground auction with its limited number of potential buyers.  We looked for someone who specialized in selling garbage trucks for our procurement-side clients, with no luck.  After a few test auctions: marketing and auctioning garbage trucks for those customers, the results showed that we  were actually really good at this.  So here we are.  Call us today at 662.275.4663 or email at vaughn@trashtruckauctions.com to find out why we’re different, and why it matters in the world of marketing pre-owned refuse equipment.

Lets’ Get Started

Everything you’ll need to bid with us at Trash Truck Auctions is in here.

Everything you’ll need to sell with us at Trash Truck Auctions is in here.

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